Introducing the Oxford Prioritisation Project Blog

By Tom Sittler

The Oxford Prioritisation Project is officially kicking off on Sunday, January 22 2017. This blog is the best way to keep in touch with what we are doing. 

We plan to publish:

  • Detailed summaries of our research as it unfolds
  • Quantitative models
  • Explanations of our views at the time of publication, how these have changed, and what evidence would make us change our minds again
  • Explanations of the reasoning and assumptions behind our quantitative best guesses
  • Strategic considerations about where to focus our research efforts

This blog has several purposes:

  • Allowing anyone to benefit from our research, follow our recommendations, and build on them
  • Sharing material and providing a model for people who would like to emulate the Oxford Prioritisation Project by starting something similar
  • Invite feedback from our readers. Our goal is to have the greatest possible impact with our final grant. If you point out mistakes in our work or make well-considered suggestions, you'd stand a good chance of influencing our decision.

I'm excited to get started with this new project, the first of its kind. I hope you'll enjoy our blog.